Saturday, September 30, 2023

Cannabis: What Is It, And How Does It Make People Feel?

Cannabis is a popular product of the plant “Cannabis Sativa” that people use to derive its therapeutic and psychoactive effects. You will find cannabis in various forms, including using it as dried leaves and flowers, extracts, hash, oil, edibles, and shatter. Cannabis comprises many chemical substances; among them, THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the chief psychoactive cannabinoid. This component remains liable for the high that is related to the use of cannabis. Another important cannabinoid is CBD or cannabidiol. CBD leaves very little or no psychoactive impacts; hence, people don’t feel high, and it also counteracts the negative impacts of THC.

The feeling of cannabis

How you feel the effects of cannabis is dependent on several factors, such as for how long you are using cannabis, how often you use it, the quantity of cannabis you take, whether you vape, eat, or smoke cannabis, your expectations from this product, your mood, your age, whether or not you have been suffering from any pre-existing psychiatric conditions, and whether or not you have consumed any other drugs or alcohol.

People confront different experiences when they take cannabis. Some feel lively, relaxed, giggly, euphoric, and talkative, whereas others feel anxious, tense, confused, and fearful. The type of experience a person feels varies from one drug-consuming episode to another based on several factors.

Reasons for preferring thicker glass bongs

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Other benefits of thick glass

Some popular benefits of thick glass are:

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Minimal features – Thicker glass is a superb choice for people who wish to have bongs with few frills and a huge chamber. As there aren’t any extra perks, a person can scrub the bong’s interior and restore its finish in only a few minutes.

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