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Mylar bags are most typically used to keep pre-packaged food or opened food at home.

If correctly sealed, these bags create an excellent barrier against air, moisture, light, and even insects, all of which can cause food to degrade.


DuPont trademarked the name “Mylar” for a polyester film in the mid-1950s. PET film is stretched to provide a grid-like form and reduced thickness. The film is crystallised in this form as biaxially oriented PET (boPET) or Mylar in a high-temperature oven, preventing it from shrinking back to its original state.

Mylar has tremendous strength, tolerance to extreme temperatures, and excellent transparency due to its molecular orientation. Because of its smooth and thin surface, the film might become sticky. To make handling easier, minute inert inorganic particles like silicon dioxide were included in the film’s structure.


3.5g Mylar bags are double-layered plastic bags that have been metalized. Aluminum is the metal in the mix, and it’s hidden between the double-layered plastic shell. Marijuana should be packaged in mylar bags. We have eighth (3.5g), ounce (28g), and one pound Mylar packs in stock at Creative Labz (448g). You may experience the best preservation and protection for cannabis goods thanks to the design of these bags.

This versatile packaging solution is an excellent low-cost packaging option for a variety of items. With a tamper evident heat-sealed top and a tear notch for easy access, these Mylar bags give an extra layer of protection. In addition to locking in odours and being odour proof, Mylar bags can also be made child resistant. Because most jurisdictions have limits on how cannabis can be sold, it’s critical to make sure your packaging is up to code. In addition to the sizes we offer, our bags incorporate childproof or tamper-evident features, or both. 3.5g mylar bag’s thickness makes it odour proof, heat sealable, and zipper resealable. After opening, the heavy-duty zipper allows the 8th bag to be resealed for a reusable storage option. Our odor-proof bags are ideal for storing herbs, spices, food, candy, leaves, and other items for a long time. These heavy-duty mylar bags help keep your product fresher for longer periods of time.


  1. Mylar bags can be washed and reused multiple times because to their durability and resealability.
  2. Because PET is the type of plastic used to produce Mylar film, Mylar bags are also BPA-free.
  3. Several bodies, including the FDA and the European Food Safety Authority, have ruled that the PET plastic used to produce Mylar bags is food-safe.
  4. Mylar bags are also Heat resistant.
  5. Another major reason, why one should choose Mylar Bags is because it prevents from odour releasing outside of the packaging.


Choose 3.5g Mylar Bags the next time you need an appropriate, cost-effective form of flexible packaging for edibles, pre-roll cones, concentrate applicator syringes, and cannabis flower. Although Mylar bags are not commonly used for concentrate packaging, they can be an excellent method to add a tamper evident feature to concentration jars.

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