Saturday, November 12, 2022

Buttok Surgery: A Guide

Do you sweat everyday in the gym, sweating hard in order to shape your buttoks in a desirable shape? Well, that may work for some, but not for everyone. In case your workout falls short of satisfying you, surgery is recommended. buttok surgery or buttok augmentation can help you achieve a desirable appearance of the buttoks.

Buttck surgery is performed through various methods. This may include fat grafting, placing silicone implants or using a combination of these methods.

buttok surgery is a great option for people who have excess fat in certain areas of the body that can be used in fat grafting. Individuals who have a stable body weight are eligible candidates for the surgery. Your surgeon may also recommend you to get a buttok lift procedure done in order to give a more sleek and voluminous look to your buttoks.


buttok surgery may not be for everyone. Your doctor will examine you before getting into the procedure with you. The following reasons may hold you back from getting the surgery.

  • You suffer from a severe chronic disease like diabetes or cardiac diseases
  • You plan to lose a significant amount of weight
  • You have body mass index that exceeds the number 32
  • You smoke
  • You suffer from mental instability or have unstable mental health disorder


As with any other surgery, buttok surgery comes with a lot of risks:

  1. Accumulation of fluid beneath the skin: There is a possibility that fluid may accumulate beneath the site of surgery after the procedure is performed. Drainage tubes or syringes and needles may be needed to get rid of the fluid.
  2. Poor healing of the wound: There may be cases where the incision marks may not heal properly or may even begin to open. You may be prescribed antibiotics in order to help you with the poor healing.
  3. Scarring: The incisions may sometimes leave marks on your skin that may be permanent.
  4. Changes in the sensation of the skin: During the surgery, the repositioning of your tissues may cause changes in your sensory nerves. These sensations may include numbness which may take a month to a year to fade away after the surgery.

You must discuss all the possible results as an outcome of the surgery. You must be open with your doctor regarding any questions you have about the surgery as well as your expectations of the procedure. Your doctor may take a physical exam in order to understand whether you are suitable for the surgery or not.

buttok surgery can provide you a toned appearance and help you increase your self confidence. The results of the buttok surgery are long lasting. However, you need to keep in mind that it is crucial that you maintain a stable body weight in order to retain the results.

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